HEY THERE STRANGER! The name's Jimmy! I love being transgender, weed, and playing Club Penguin I also go by Vuk(ovic), Dopamine, BJ, Koi, Dmitir, Filip, Pasaga, or Yote! My pronouns are He/him, xe/xer, or it/its! You can just stick with he/him or switch around, I don't mind :-) 

Let's see here uhhhh, I'm an aroace trans man, a professional scemo kid and punk, LOVE making stories, and am making a comic! I have a LOT of obsessions, mostly with DHMIS, Club Penguin, MLP, plushies, psychology, Vocaloid, Paper Mario, object shows, 2000's culture/old internet, sparkledogs, my own OCs, indie games, old Playstation games, musical theatre, and of course PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR!! I also love love love LOVE The Yellow Dress!!! I also like Zoey Van Goey, Days N Daze, Will Wood, Night Gaunts, Harley Poe, The Infested, and basically everything folk punk lol. I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS!!! Feel free to hit me up on Discord if you wanna chat or sumthin!!! (RetroArcadde#0916). I also love designing characters, making stories, and trading OCs! If you wanna talk about OCs or sumthin I'm right here!! 

PFP was brought to you by ToyHouse user @WindWaken !!! Thank you!!!!

34488925_L6SZdAT2U2vEca9.png?1632604490"Who is the ugly asshole handsome young man in this box? With the bowtie and weird face?" That's Happy! He's my main OC, and somewhat of a sona I suppose. I reflect a lot of myself into him and had him since the 5th grade if I'm remembering correctly (but he PROPERLY unleashed onto the wild on January 25th, 2020 so I consider that to be his Birthday!). He's always been there since I started making art, and it's kinda crazy how much he developed. He's changed a lot, he's like a friend to me!  

Speaking of friends, here are my HUMAN and REAL and BREATHING friends!
@locomotive, @Equius, @Appledraws2231, @FRIENDZFUREVER, @dieselmydudes, @wolfuwaffuwo, @averagefukkintem, @-Nea_bun-, @Crumzie, @I_Am_Baby, @angelpup, @sewp, and soon, (hopefully), the wonderful person reading this! <3 

OH uh socials socials socials... OH! Here's my Carrd! Other than ToyHouse, my main and only social is on Tumblr, but I do use DeviantArt for points! I don't post anymore there sadly OH OH OH! I'm also on a lot of online games as well! My main ones are Pokefarm Q and Mweor (PieceOfUrMind), but I also use ChickenSmoothie, GoatlingsFlight Rising, Icepets and Neopets! If you know of any PLEASE let me know! I'm always looking for more!